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Premium quality Norwegian furniture.

Simple. Functional. Beautiful.

With a raw edge.


Stordal Gol

Inspired by the mountain village Gol. A popular arena for physical exertion and active comfort. The rounded mountains and inviting terrain inspired form, choice of materials and functionality.


It was after a skiing trip round Storefjell that Jonas Hallberg Eggen drew the preliminary sketches for the chair that bears the name of Gol with pride.

Design award at Meuble Paris 2008


Nordic Living®

Long, light summer nights are superseded by pitch-dark winter days that starve us of light.


Biting cold drains us of warmth, while stormy days frequently drive us indoors.


That is why we also have such high standards when it comes to our homes.


They have to be inspired by nature’s elements.


They have to be beautiful, functional and simple.


Furnished for active people who live in harmony with nature that is every bit as rough, harsh and untamed as it is beautiful.


Stordal Nordkapp

Experience of the Polar Bear Constellation

The magnificent, rough coastal environment at the northernmost tip of Europe, Nordkapp, inspired this new design classic.


The exciting geology of the North cape plateau is reflected in the sweeping lines. The low back gives you an uninterrupted view in every direction.

Skjermbilde 2021-04-13 kl. 13.39.40.png
Stordal Møbler Runde Black Chrome.jpg

Stordal Runde

Soft and round. Runde is inspired by the Norwegian island of Runde, known for its colony of breeding Seaparrots and other birds that migrate to here to breed every spring.


The rounded curves of the Island is captured in the softe and comfortable curves of this recliner.

Runde i Solnedgang på Runde.jpg


Inspired and shaped by Norwegian nature

and Nordic Living


Simple, functional, beautiful

3 words that summarize our work in the pursuit of the perfect sitting experience.

Designed to be highly functional, still simple and intuitive to use. 


And it makes your home look great.


Nordic Design

Norwegian craftsmanship

Finest Italian Leather

Premium quality

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